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Did you know you can see 5x better than 20/20 vision?

As you probably already know, 20/20 vision is characteristically described as perfect vision. With new advancements in digital refraction and the introduction of Point Spread Refraction optometrists and trained technicians can measure final prescriptions more accurately than any time before.

Even more recently the industry has adopted a ton of necessary changes in the world of digital lenses and prescription optimization using 4k vision tools.

Digivision has been on the forefront of this movement and the design and usage of this innovative technology is helping bring a new clarity of vision to people everywhere. While many aim for “perfect” 20/20 vision we aim to reach a higher standard.

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Traditional refraction is performed by highly trained technicians and this still holds true with DigiVision’s Point Spread Refraction technique. Through the use of our state of the arch digital refraction technologies we are able to measure

up to 0.01D accuracy for lens prescriptions. This level of accuracy is over 5x higher than ever thought possible with the use of industry standard phoropter’s.

DigiVision’s top of the line processes and equipment when paired with the outstanding design and personalization of our lenses delivers significantly better vision than ever previously thought.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME? The ability to see at clarity higher than the typically aforementioned “perfect” 20/20 vision allows DigiVision customers to clearly see small details down to the size of millimeters at least 10 feet away. DigiVisions technology allows us to use our sense of sight in a more perfected way than ever before. The combination of PSF Refraction, and our Encepsion Lenses allow patients to view things in a clarity pushing towards 4x what we thought the human eye could previously view.


You can start your journey to higher definition vision by simply coming in to any of our retail locations across the country and getting your refraction done by a professionally trained DigiVision Care Optometrist or Refraction Technician.

DigiVision Care locations are unlike any optical location you’ve previously been to as with no need for appointments and little to no wait time you can be in and out in no time.

After your prescription is confirmed by a DigiVision professional and viewed by an MD it can be used to create the perfect lenses for whatever frames you find most appealing. Our unique approach to lenses creates a one of a kind lense made perfectly for your eyes to help provide you with the sharpest, and clearest vision possible.

Come visit a local DigiVision Optical and see how it all works yourself today!

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