What is 4K Vision?

4K Vision is defined as the ultimate vision that our technology can help you to achieve. We guarantee it is better than 20/20 vision. Our patented refraction technology combined with our diamond point precision lens cutting give you 4K Vision.

Get 4K Vision

20/20 vision (perfect vision) is a myth.


We want to break the barrier and offer everyone the ultimate in vision.


Our digital refraction utilizes a patented target and the highest quality optics to give you a 5x more accurate prescription than a traditional exam. Our patented refraction technology provides prescriptions in 0.05D (Diopters) increments versus traditional 0.25D measurements.


Our digital frame fitting technology measures point by point measurements for face-form angle, wrap, and pupillary distance. Maximizing the wearers individual wearing preferences.


Our lenses utilize Diamond Point™ cutting technology which is uniquely capable of both design and prescription accuracy to 0.01D (Diopters). Diamond Point Technology is programmed to match our refractions point-by-point, delivering a prescription that is 5x more accurate than Rx’s from older systems like the phoropter.


DigiVision Optical is the only place you can get 4K Vision.